"Young GIANTs" health-tech innovators: winter retreat. 21-24 March 2019. , Salszburg, Donnerstag, 21. März 2019

What really matters?
Imagine spending a long weekend away with a small group of people who are all as sharp as a knife and as open as an ocean:  a magical pooling of innovative thinking, passion for success, and creative inspiration. That’s Young GIANTs.
We change the world through Healthcare.
But how?  It's not just anyone with a great idea. You need faith - both in yourself and your thinking. And you need to be kind, thoughtful, resourceful and generous of spirit.  And if you’re part of a well-connected community who can help you reach influencers, find money, you will make change happen. In short, you need access to a force that will support you. That’s Young GIANTs: the healthtech innovators.


Young GIANTs

The Young GIANTs winter retreat is an annual gathering where an intimate group of professional people - all exclusively committed to healthtech innovation - de-camps to a top quality ski resort in Europe to share knowledge, search for ideas and answers and most importantly, escape the structures and pressure placed upon them by their jobs. The results are life changing.
Young GIANTs:  change your life in a good way.
No. It's not a conference.  We’ve all been to those; off keynotes, 'notworking', shabby hotels, cardboard food and watery coffee.
Young GIANTs is different. A curated extraordinary experience that will stimulate and delight. Successful healthtech innovators don't always find the time to build enduring relationships, so Young GIANTs facilitates transformative introductions that can be life changing. Time away from work, family and pressure opens the mind. The catalytic discussions provoke fresh thinking. Experience all this, blended with a snowy backdrop of winter sports, fine food and wine, and superb accommodation.
Much more than skiing.
Outside the sessions, the group skis (or boards, or goes hiking) in groups of their choice. It’s a great way to mix people up in fresh Alpine air. The bulk of the agenda is open but our meticulous process of searching and selecting participants ensures that everyone in the group is smart, fun and dynamic. You'll meet people who can help you change the world, shape your dreams and make them real. We host great skiers and complete beginners; but everyone shares the same focussed passion for healthcare, innovation, and making a difference.

If you are fortunate enough to be invited to Young GIANTs, don’t pass it up. You'll simply never know what you missed.

The Young GIANTs Council of Advisors
Invitations are curated by the The Young GIANTs Council of Advisors - a group of people deeply commited to collecting most exciting healthtech innovation friends, colleagues and heroes.

Barry Shrier

Experienced int’l tech entrepreneur
Multiple exits
Founder, GIANT Health

Dr Florian Koerber

“These are some of my favourite things: skiing and meeting inspirational people- that’s what Young GIANTs delivers.”

“The ultimate gathering for the healthcare tech eco system. A place to meet truly interesting people, who share similar values, and who seek technological advancements across the world of ”

"A rare opportunity for healthtech innovation leaders to connect, think deeply and relax away from commercial pressure and the spotlight. Genuine friendships and valuable insights will ensue."

“Young GIANTs is where you will meet people you didn't know you needed to, but afterwards won't understand how you survived before without knowing them”.

Besides the skiing (or boarding), Young GIANTs organises lunches, dinners and après ski drinks at amazing Alpine spots, interspersed with thought-provoking discussions hosted by members of the group. These activities are carefully designed to bring everyone together to exchange ideas and make meaningful connections. Even if you're not a skier, there's alternative activities, from ice skating to wine tasting.
21st - 24th  March 2019
Young GIANTs 2019 will take place from Thursday 21st March to Sunday 24th March.  
A beautiful alpine ski resort near to Salzburg Austria.  Final resort and hotel to be announced on 10 February.

"Young GIANTs" health-tech innovators: winter retreat. 21-24 March 2019.

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